Cloud Ctrl has scored a spot in the 2017 SMART 100



This innovation initially came to life when…

…co-founders Faith and Braden were working for an ASX listed professional services company and each day the customers they were talking to were having issues reconciling their cloud consumption bills from AWS and Microsoft (Azure). Braden came up with an idea. Through skunk works they built the first version of the product. They both left their employer and started SixPivot, and they realised that their old employer had shelved the product so they asked to buy the IP. After a successful negotiation they continued the development of the product and soft launched Cloud Ctrl for general production in Dec 2015.


Cloud Integration Training Courses

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Training conducted by our very own Bill Chesnut, Cloud Platform & API Evangelist

Course Description

This is a 1-day instructor-led course providing students with the knowledge and skills to use Azure API Management, Azure API Apps, Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps to build cloud based integration solutions.


This course is intended for developers who are responsible for developing cloud based integration solutions. Individuals who attend this course are expected to have the following prerequisite knowledge or experience:

§ At least one years of experience programming experience in a .Net language

§ Familiarity with integration concepts and Web / REST services

§ Familiarity with Visual Studio 2015.

§ Working knowledge of JSON and/or XML

Prior experience with of Microsoft Azure is not required, but is recommended.

Seamlessly transition your services to the cloud with SixPivot’s new cloud management platform, Cloud Ctrl

Based in Brisbane, Australia, SixPivot is an award winning, international software development and strategic management startup helping businesses smoothly transition their services to the cloud. The company’s newest product, Cloud Ctrl, is a multi-cloud service management platform that enables organizations to monitor, manage, and analyze their cloud hosted services across a range of providers, in one secure location. With Cloud Ctrl, users have a software tool that acts as their own personal brokering service, dashboard, and management portal, allowing them to manage subscriptions and services in a faster, more efficient manner. Plus, the platform allows companies to monitor all their cloud resources, check usage trends and billing rates, set usage thresholds, and configure automatic alerts that help to ensure their cloud costs are under control.  Read More

SixPivot strikes regional cloud Ctrl deal with rhipe

SixPivot has signed a regional distribution agreement with rhipe, in a move designed to circulate its cloud management platform, Cloud Ctrl, across Asia Pacific.

Terms of the deal will see rhipe introduce Cloud Ctrl to customers both locally and regionally, while utilising its expanding cloud portfolio, which includes Microsoft Azure and IBM SoftLayer.

Cloud Ctrl is a multi-cloud service management platform, providing customers with insights in a bid to enable greater financial control for cloud subscriptions.

“We wanted to expand on our existing SixPivot relationship with rhipe and we have chosen to partner closely with them across APAC,” SixPivot CEO and Co-Founder, Faith Rees, said.

“Rhipe has a strong focus on enabling and supporting partners who are focused on delivering and managing cloud solutions for their customers.   Read More

Sky’s the limit as SixPivot strikes Cloud Ctrl deal with Insight

Start-up continues expansion plans with global solutions partner deal

SixPivot has signed on Insight Enterprises as a worldwide solutions partners for its cloud management platform, Cloud Ctrl, as the start-up executes on local and global expansion plans.

Cloud Ctrl is a multi-cloud service management platform, designed to provide customers with greater insights and financial control of cloud subscriptions.

With an aggressive roadmap already underway, the expanding company is currently in the process of adding more than 15 public providers to the platform in addition to current providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google and IBM Softlayer.  Read More

Insight partners with Australian cloud management startup SixPivot

Australian cloud management application developer SixPivot has entered a partnership with leading IT provider Insight Enterprises in a move that will see that application applied across the world.

SixPivot’s Cloud Ctrl is targeted at independent software vendors developing applications for commercial industries. The app allows users to manage cloud resources from multiple providers and organise them on a dashboard interface for ease-of-view.    Read More

microsoft charity donate

Microsoft Donates $1billion in cloud computing to NFP

Well done Microsoft donating a $1 billion in cloud computing resources over the next 3 years to 70,000 non-profits and NGOs. SixPivot will have an exciting announcement on how we plan to help Australian based charities in line with initiatives such as this from some of the world’s largest vendors- we might not be able to commit at the same level as Microsoft but we will certainly do what we can – stay tuned!

gov move to the cloud

Government Move to Cloud

There is no doubt that government is moving to cloud services what we see today is just the beginning of an evolutionary shift. The Australian Commonwealth “spends about AU$5 billion per year on IT, so spending AU$30 million on cloud computing is only a start”. For those building products who still believe that government is reluctant to embrace the cloud and SaaS evolution think again!

verify your cloud

Can you Verify your Cloud Decision?

The ability for CIOs to be able to verify adopting a cloud strategy is a major trend in 2016. “If a prime lure of cloud technology strategies is cost reduction and efficient resource utilization, then CIOs must be able to verify that they’re getting those benefits. Cloud analytics solutions that allow for digging into both usage and billing data will give IT leaders the power to quickly spot potentially costly services and prevent budget overruns.. all from mobile.” Cloud Ctrl can provide you with all the analytics, usage, billing data and forecasting you need.